I have been breading Dutch Bantams for over sixteen years . I have sucessfully created my own unique strain of the Gold Dutch Bantam in which I have had great sucess in and out of the show pen. 

I used specially designed breediing records and breeding programes and every year strive to improve my stock. All my birds are housed to the specific requirements needed and I think good quality stockmanship comes into practice here. There is always something to be monitored within the Dutch penning rooms.

In 2004 I was really over the moon to win Best true Bantam at the Federation Show, which has to be my greatest achievement to date and I look forward to many more years sucessful showing.I have now taken up the keeping and rearing and showing of Faverolles also as I have become engaged to my partner who was in the fancy also with the French fancies.

For our home site please click the link below  www.faverollenik.com


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