The General Characteristics...


Carriage:Upright & Jaunty

Type: Back very short,broad at shoulders, slightly sloping,saddle short and broad and having abundant hackle running smoothly into tail coverts. Breast carried high, full and well forward.The wings are to be relatively large and long,but not too pointed,and to be carried very close and low.The tail is to be upright,very full and well spread,with very well developed and curved pictured below...


The general characteristics are very similar to the male but we must allow for natural sexual differences.

In both sexes & all colours: Eyes to be orange-red -brownish - red ,Comb,face and wattles are to be red & Ear lobes pure snow white...

Serious Defects 

Long Narrow Build

Carriage too sloping

Large,Glossy white or red lobes

White in face

Wrong coloured legs or eyes

Squirrel tail

Photo taken from "The Dutch Bantam" book, artist drawing by C.S.Th.van Gink

( above )

Head: Small,face smooth, Comb to be single ,small with five seperations tending towards  flyaway type .Beak short and strong and to be slightly curved.The eyes are to be large and bright and lively.Wattles are to fine,short and round.Ear lobes are to small and fine,oval to almond shape.

Neck: Short,curved and finely tapered with plentiful hackle.

Legs & feet: Legs well spread and straight,thighs short,shanks short and free of feather,four toes to be well spread.

A complete guide to the Dutch Bantam standards will be provided to you when joining the Dutch Bantam club... 

Scale Of Points

Type & Carriage  - 35

Colour & Markings - 25

Head Points - 20

Legs & Feet - 10

Condition - 10


Classification : True Bantam

Origin: The Netherlands

Egg Colour : Tinted


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